Ft Fatai soils

soil map units where Ft Fatai soils is dominant

Soil properties

Property Value
Geographic distribution Tongatapu
Landscape position Low-lying coastal areas.
Soil parent material
Slope Flat
Surface outcrops
Brief soil profile description 0-30 Very dark grey to reddish brown; friable clay;30-75 Dark brown firm clay; black Mn concretions;75-150 Dark brown friable clay; red mottles; many weathered lapilli.
Soil profile texture
Minimum effective rooting depth 200 cm
Soil pH (acidity) Near neutral
Soil fertility under natural conditions Very high Base saturation (%), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K); very low reserve potassium (K); organic carbon (C) and total nitrogen (N) low; sulphur (S) very low.
Soil moisture regime
Susceptibility to drought
Soil drainage Imperfectly to poorly drained
Susceptibility to waterlogging
Susceptibility to flooding

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