So2 Sopu soils, peaty sandy loam

soil map units where So2 Sopu soils, peaty sandy loam is dominant

Soil properties

Property Value
Geographic distribution Tongatapu
Landscape position Coastal and lagoonal swamps.
Soil parent material
Slope Flat
Surface outcrops
Brief soil profile description 0-20 cm Black peaty friable sandy loam; 20-30 cm Pale olive friable sandy loam; 30-50 cm Greenish grey sandy loam; on Hard coral limestone.
Soil profile texture
Minimum effective rooting depth 50 cm
Soil pH (acidity) Strong to extremely acid
Salinity Strongly saline
Soil fertility under natural conditions Medium exchangeable calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and potassium (K) dropping to low with depth.
Soil moisture regime
Susceptibility to drought
Soil drainage Poorly drained
Susceptibility to waterlogging Poor drainage
Susceptibility to flooding High saline water table

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