Tms Tongamama soils, shallow phase

soil map units where Tms Tongamama soils, shallow phase is dominant

Soil properties

Property Value
Geographic distribution Niuafo’ou
Landscape position Basaltic ash merging with lava flows on the east and southeast side of the island.
Soil parent material
Slope Flat to undulating (0-5°)
Surface outcrops
Brief soil profile description 0-10 cm Black friable sandy loam; 10-50 cm Very dark brown friable to firm sandy loam; 50-60 cm Yellowish red, loose loamy sand; on Parent rock.
Soil profile texture
Minimum effective rooting depth 60 cm (lithic contact)
Soil pH (acidity) Slightly acid
Soil fertility under natural conditions High base status; potassium (K) values decrease with depth; total phosphorus (P) high; sulphur (S) values low in topsoil, increasing with depth. Amorphous materials.
Soil moisture regime
Susceptibility to drought
Soil drainage Somewhat excessively drained
Susceptibility to waterlogging Never Waterlogs
Susceptibility to flooding Never Floods

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