U1 Uolevu soils, sandy loam

soil map units where U1 Uolevu soils, sandy loam is dominant

Soil properties

Property Value
Geographic distribution Ha’apai
Landscape position Occur behind the coastal beach deposits.
Soil parent material
Slope Very gently undulating (<3°)
Surface outcrops
Brief soil profile description 0-25 cm Black to Very dark brown very friable calcareous sandy loam; 25-50 cm Dark brown calcareous loamy sand; on Weakly altered loose coral sand
Soil profile texture
Minimum effective rooting depth <70 cm
Soil pH (acidity) Near neutral to moderately alkaline
Soil fertility under natural conditions Topsoil organic carbon (C) values high and nitrogen (N) medium. Very high base saturation (%) with free lime in subsoils. phosphorus (P) values very high and reserve potassium (K) very low.
Soil moisture regime
Susceptibility to drought Seasonal soil moisture deficit
Soil drainage Somewhat excessively drained
Susceptibility to waterlogging
Susceptibility to flooding

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