Vp Vaipoa soils (Vp)

soil map units where Vp Vaipoa soils (Vp) is dominant

Soil properties

Property Value
Geographic distribution Niuatoputapu
Landscape position Varying mix of volcanics and coral sand form on lower terrace on colluvium from top ridge and upper terrace.
Soil parent material
Slope Rolling (12-15°)
Surface outcrops
Brief soil profile description 0-10 cm Black friable sandy clay loam; 10-25 cm Dark yellowish brown very firm clay loam; on 25 cm+ consolidated limestone
Soil profile texture
Minimum effective rooting depth 25 cm (lithic contact)
Soil pH (acidity) Near neutral to slightly alkaline
Soil fertility under natural conditions Organic carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) values low; total phosphorus (P) and phosphorus (P) very high; sulphur (S) medium; Base saturation (%) and calcium (Ca) very high; potassium (K)high and sodium (Na) medium.
Soil moisture regime
Susceptibility to drought
Soil drainage Well drained
Susceptibility to waterlogging
Susceptibility to flooding

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