Soil Descriptions

Soil Descriptions

Descriptions of soil map units arranged physiographically (i.e. according to where it occurs in the landscape)

Ash and coral colluvium-mantled terrace scarps of raised coral islands. #

Ash covering tuffs and limestone on the highest surface of ‘Eua. #

Ash-covered tuffs or limestone of the highest surface of ‘Eua. #

Ash-covered tuffs or limestone on the highest surface of ‘Eua. #

Ash-mantled coral terrace scarps. #

Ash-mantled coral terrace. #

Ash-mantled coral terraces. #

Ash-mantled raised coral limestone terraces and scarps. #

Ash-mantled raised coral limestone terraces. #

Ash-mantled raised coral terrace. #

Ash-mantled rims of raised coral limestone. #

Ash-mantled rolling slopes on coral terrace. #

Basaltic andesite lava on central ridge and upper terrace. #

Basaltic ash merging with lava flows on the east and southeast side of the island. #

Beach ridge. #

Calcareous marl and limestone on raised terraces and hilly land at both ends of Mango Island. #

Calcareous tuffs on mid slopes of the hill area on Mango Island. #

Coastal and lagoonal swamps. #

Coastal beach ridges #

Colluvium (from ridge and upper terrace) occupying a belt concentric to Vaipoa and Tu’avao soils. #

Easy rolling plateau on western side of Vava’u. #

Easy rolling surfaces of ash-covered coral limestone terraces. #

Foot slopes, valley floors and depression on reworked ash mantling raised coral terraces. #

Form on alluvial materials in south and southwest of island. #

Form on coral sand overlying limestone concentric to Hihifo soils extending to the coast. #

From vitric ash on slopes of caldera rim occupying north and west half of the island. #

Low lying coastal and lagoonal swamps. #

Low-lying coastal areas. #

Low-lying ground, often old raised lagoon areas. #

Occur behind the coastal beach deposits. #

Occur on exposed coral limestone platforms along east coast of larger atolls. #

Old coral limestone and admixed ash around coral pinnacles of central Nomuka Island. #

Older ash on raised coral limestone terrace. #

Organic rich sediments in swamps and depressions. #

Rewashed ash in closed sinkhole depressions and hollows on Nomuka Island. #

Rolling surfaces of ash-covered coral limestone terraces. #

Sand plains behind coastal beach ridges. #

Slopes of terraces, scarps of hilly land. #

Sloping surfaces of ash and colluvium covered coral terraces. #

Steeply sloping terrace scarps and valleys within dissected terraces. #

Surfaces of the central depression and minor terraces therein. Thin ash on volcanic alluvium on coral limestone. #

Uplifted and ash- mantled coral surface. #

Uplifted and ash-mantled coral surface. #

Uplifted ash-mantled coral surface. #

Varying mix of volcanics and coral sand form on lower terrace on colluvium from top ridge and upper terrace. #

Weakly weathered basaltic lavas developed on northwestern, northeastern and southern ledges on inside of caldera. #

Weathered ash overlying organic sediments around edges of the swamp on Foa islands. #

Young ash and andesitic tuffs on slopes around the base of the hill area on Mango Island. #

Young ash and wind-blown sand inland of coastal margins. #

Young ash around coastal fringe in centre of Foa and Ha'ano islands. #

Young ash in broad depressions in interiors of Uiha and Lifuka islands. #

Young ash on hill slopes in the centre of Tungua Island. #

Young ash on raised terrace in centre of Ha'afeva Island. #

Young ash on slopes in the centre of Nomuka Island. #

Young ash on the interior of Lifuka Island. #

Young ash over older ash or limestone on Uiha Island. #

Young ash overlying coral sand on the coastal fringe. #

Source of soil descriptions

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